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Our Company Philosophy and Mission

Crestwood Metal Corp. is primarily a non-ferrous scrap metal recycler.  Although the Company specializes in aluminum, it also handles other grades of non-ferrous metals, electronics, and steel.  The business began operations in 1955 in Hewlett, NY and relocated headquarters to its current 5-acre site in Holbrook, NY in 1970.

President and CEO, William Goldkind, is proud to have grown the company into one of Long Island’s largest scrap metal recycling facilities, combining over 50 years of industry experience with the best in technology, equipment and human resources.

Crestwood Metal is not your typical scrap metal recycler.  Like other scrap metal recyclers, our customers include retail and industrial accounts.  But more importantly, our equipment and technology allows us to process material beyond the limitations of most other recyclers…….making us UNIQUE.  In fact, Crestwood purchases much of its material from other scrap metal recyclers across the country, as well as government entities….…making us a true INDUSTRY WHOLESALER.

As a secondary smelter, Crestwood must comply with the strictest in air quality and emissions standards imposed by the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). Therefore, when dealing with Crestwood, you can be sure you are dealing with an environmentally conscious organization.

Crestwood is a proud member of ISRI


Environmentally Conscious Non-Ferrous Recyclers

Crestwood’s investment in machinery and equipment and continuous process improvement is key to providing high-quality products.

Our inventory of machinery and equipment includes:
  • A Hammermill Bulldog Shredder ML 6060
  • Three United Aluminum Sweat Furnaces
  • An HRB Bailer
  • A Wire Reclamation Furnace
  • An HSB 1012 Pucker Machine
  • Two Fuchs Cranes with Grapple and Magnet
  • A Komatsu Excavator
  • A Labounty Shear
  • Leforte Hydraulic Alligator Shear
  • A Niton Alloy Analyzer
  • A Spectro Max Spectrometer
  • Over ten forklifts and Bobcats
  • Over ten Mack trucks and tractor trailers
  • Over thirty containers
Whether you are a government entity requiring on-site destruction or an industrial account requiring on-site containers for scrap storage, all of our machinery and equipment is available to help service your needs.