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Crestwood Metal prides itself on prompt service, accurate weights and aggressive pricing.

Metals We Buy and Recycle




Stainless Steel







insulated wire

precious metals



We welcome all retailers with any amount of non-ferrous scrap to chose Crestwood and get paid top dollar with instant cash.


Scrap metal recyclers……are you looking for additional buyers of your scrap metal? Through its wholesale program, Crestwood offers scrap metal recyclers:

  • dealer-incentive prices
  • attractive, “better-than-market” payment terms
  • a complete fleet of trucks offering quick pick-up and delivery
  • friendly, courteous service


Crestwood values its industrial accounts, offering:

  • Next Day pickup
  • Next Day payment
  • Courteous and friendly service
  • Drums and other containers for scrap storage


Government entities can be confident dealing with Crestwood. Crestwood has serviced the government sector in good standing since the 1980s. Through its contracts with the U.S. Military, Crestwood has forged strong relationships at both, local and national levels and is very familiar with DRMS workflow and requirements. Similarly, Crestwood has serviced scrap contracts for utility companies across the U.S.A.


Aluminum Sows (Ingot)

As a secondary aluminum smelter, and using cutting-edge technology, Crestwood produces the highest-grade aluminum sows (ingot), including:
  • 6063
  • 6061
  • 2014
  • 5086
  • 3003
  • 7075
  • 380 Cast
  • Others
We always provide sample chemistries to ensure the product our customers buy is exactly what they need. Our sows are CONSISTENTLY RELIABLE, which is the reason why end-users of our products include companies like, General Motors, Alcoa, and Kaiser Aluminum, as well as the largest die-casters and aluminum extruders in the United States.

Other End-products

Crestwood also sells the highest quality of the following material:
  • Aluminum Pucks
  • Shredded Sheet Aluminum
  • Shredded Aluminum Wheels
  • Baled Aluminum Cans
  • #1 Copper
  • #2 Copper
  • Bare Brite
  • Copper Turnings
  • Burnt Copper Cable
  • Titanium Turnings and Solids
  • Aluminum Dross
  • Aluminum Insulated Wire
  • Copper Insulated Wire
Crestwood is proud of its reputation for providing high quality material consistent with end-user expectations!