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Comprehensive Scrap Metal Recycling Services

From Gold to Aluminum, Crestwood is Your Trusted Scrap Metal Company

Why Choose Crestwood for Your Scrap Metal Recycling Services?

When you think of a reliable services from a scrap metal company, think Crestwood Metal Corp. We’ve built our reputation on three pillars: prompt services, accurate measurements, and competitive pricing. But we go beyond that. We are committed to making your experience seamless, efficient, and profitable. If you’re seeking a true partner for your scrap metal recycling needs, you’ve come to the right place.

Nassau County Scrap Metal Recycling

Metals We Buy and Recycle

Not all scrap metal companies are created equal. At Crestwood, we go the extra mile by accepting a wide range of metals and materials for recycling. From everyday metals like aluminum and copper to precious metals such as gold and brass, we cover it all. Our extensive list includes:




Stainless Steel







insulated wire

precious metals


Our diversity in material acceptance not only sets us apart but also makes us a convenient, one-stop solution for all your scrap metal recycling needs.

Retail Services

Are you a retailer with scrap metal lying around? Don’t let it gather dust. At Crestwood, we welcome all retailers, regardless of the volume of non-ferrous scrap metal you have. We offer instant cash payouts, so you walk away with money in your pocket. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Wholesale Opportunities

If you’re a scrap metal recycler searching for additional buyers, Crestwood has got you covered. Through our wholesale program, we offer special dealer incentives that are hard to pass up. These include better-than-market payment terms, fast pick-up and delivery services through our complete fleet of trucks, and a customer service experience that’s second to none.

Industrial Accounts

Industries need effective scrap metal recycling solutions, and that’s precisely what Crestwood provides. Offering perks like next-day pick-up and next-day payment, we streamline your recycling process, freeing up your time and resources. We also provide scrap storage solutions like drums and other containers to make your life easier.

Government Contracts

Government entities can rest easy when partnering with Crestwood Metal Corp. We’ve been in good standing with the government sector since the 1980s and have strong relationships at both local and national levels. Our knowledge of DRMS workflows and requirements has made us a reliable service provider for utility companies across the United States.


Aluminum Sows (Ingot)

As a secondary aluminum smelter, and using cutting-edge technology, Crestwood produces the highest-grade aluminum sows (ingot), including:
  • 6063
  • 6061
  • 2014
  • 5086
  • 3003
  • 7075
  • 380 Cast
  • Others
We always provide sample chemistries to ensure the product our customers buy is exactly what they need. Our sows are CONSISTENTLY RELIABLE, which is the reason why end-users of our products include companies like, General Motors, Alcoa, and Kaiser Aluminum, as well as the largest die-casters and aluminum extruders in the United States.
Nassau County Scrap Metal

Other End-products

Suffolk County Scrap Metal Recycling
Crestwood also sells the highest quality of the following material:
  • Aluminum Pucks
  • Shredded Sheet Aluminum
  • Shredded Aluminum Wheels
  • Baled Aluminum Cans
  • #1 Copper
  • #2 Copper
  • Bare Brite
  • Copper Turnings
  • Burnt Copper Cable
  • Titanium Turnings and Solids
  • Aluminum Dross
  • Aluminum Insulated Wire
  • Copper Insulated Wire
Crestwood is proud of its reputation for providing high quality material consistent with end-user expectations!

Ready to Turn Your Scrap Into Cash?

We hope we’ve painted a vivid picture of why Crestwood Metal Corp. is the ultimate choice for all your scrap metal recycling needs. Whether you’re a retailer, a scrap metal recycler, an industrial enterprise, or a government entity, we offer customized solutions to meet your specific needs. And don’t forget, we’re more than just a scrap metal company; we’re your partner in achieving your sustainability goals while turning your scrap into cash.


Don’t wait. Take the first step towards a more sustainable and profitable future. Contact us today!

Commitment to Quality

Our high-quality end-products have won us partnerships with major companies like General Motors and Alcoa.

Diverse Material Range

Our capability to handle a wide variety of materials makes us a one-stop solution for all your scrap metal recycling needs.

Environmental Integrity

We're not just a scrap metal company; we're an eco-conscious partner that adheres to stringent environmental regulations.